Larry Ralph

Larry Ralph

Since we are constantly working on damp crawlspaces and wet basements in the greater Indianapolis area, we are experts in structural floor repairs too. Whether you have sagging, bouncy, or unlevel floors, our solutions can help you.

Plus, we’re not only waterproofers, but we’re experts in structural floor repair. Whether you have foundation cracks, drywall cracks, or sagging floors, our structural repair specialists can help fix the problem. We’ve fixed hundreds of foundations and floor systems in homes and commercial buildings throughout the area.

Fixing your damp basements and crawlspaces before it becomes a big problem is the most affordable and effective option. You’ll avoid extra costly structural repairs and decreased home value. For our trained crawlspace technicians, a typical crawlspace repair usually takes less than a few days to complete. Many of our systems come with a warranty – so that you know the problem was fixed right. Give us a call us at 317-893-7016 to request a professional evaluation from our foundation repair experts.

**Lifetime Transferrable Warranties are for the lifetime of the home or 2 transfers of ownership. The CrawlDrain drainage system warranty guarantees no standing water in the crawl space. The sump pump is a 3 year parts and labor warranty. The CrawlSeal encapsulation system warranty guarantees the seams, sealants, and against rips or tears in the plastic. For more information about the warranties, request a copy of the warranty.

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