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Bowing Walls in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

We can fix your bowed walls

Bowed-wall-inspectionIf you noticed that your house foundation walls have cracks or are bowed due to the soil pressure, don’t panic, we can help. We can provide a permanent solution that will take care of your home’s basement or foundation and provide you peace of mind.

You may think that a small crack is not such a big deal, but often, you don’t get to see the full picture of what’s going on underneath. Even if it seems like a small thing, is always best to get an expert’s opinion. Don’t wait too long to have those walls checked, structural problems can advance fairly quickly and before you know it you will have to deal with a major and more expensive repair.

Since there are different methods that can be applied to stop wall movement and or reverse the wall back to its original position, a soil and environmental evaluation is required. Only then we can decide if Steel I Beams or Wall Anchors will take care of the situation.

Basement encapsulation job using steel I beams

Steel I Beams

The Force Bracket is a patented structural tension-loaded wall repair system that utilizes Steel I-Beams to straighten block or concrete walls. A major advancement in foundation repair, The Force can stabilize walls where carbon fiber is no longer an option. The Force tension loaded I-Beam system should be used on block or concrete walls that have bowed in excess of 2 inches or have severe shifting and shear cracking. The Force is designed to keep a constant pressure on the wall even during dry weather conditions when the soil shrinks away from the wall. 

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Wall Anchors

When Do You Use Plate Anchors? A basement foundation wall leaning inward is considered bowed. Bowing occurs when there is excessive lateral pressure from the soil surrounding the home. Some of the causes could be: 

    • Clay soils that expand and contract as moisture in the ground increases or decreases.
    • Water accumulation in the soil may force a wall inward.
    • Frost also can lead to wall failure as soil against the wall freezes and applies pressure.

Cracked-wall-being-repaired-by-wall-anchorsA plate anchor wall system is the preferred solution for bowed or leaning walls. in some cases, the installation process can be completed in one day. A plate anchor system consists of a wall plate inside the foundation attached to an exterior earth plate by a steel rod. Plate anchor places are located underground and prior to that, a utility inspection is conducted to make sure no pipes or wires are affected.

In a plate anchor wall system, holes are dug in the soil away from the foundation wall. Rods are driven through small holes in the basement wall and connected to exterior anchors installed deep in the soil. On the interior of the foundation wall, a wall plate is placed and then secured to the rod. A basement foundation wall plate is placed on the interior of the foundation wall and then secured to the rod. 

Foundation Repair Contractors in Central Indiana

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