Removing soil from a tight crawl space allows for better access to essential components!

Is your crawl space too tight?  Can you roll over without touching the joists?  Can you gain access to all of the plumbing, ducts, and structural components in the crawl space?  If you are not sure, then you probably need to excavate the soil in the crawl space.

The crawl space height should be at least 16″ for decent but difficult access.  If there is less space than this to crawl around, then you could have some potential severe problems.  Our experience is that tight crawl spaces usually have termite damage, wood rot, or plumbing leaks.  These problems usually go unnoticed for years until the structural components start to give out, and the home or floor starts sinking.  Crawl Space dirt removal to a height of 18″ to 24″  is one of our many services.

Digging out a crawl space!

As with many tight crawl spaces, an access point must be created to start digging.  Once we can start excavating, we send one guy in with a sled.  He adds the soil to the sled, and the rest of the team pulls out the sled to a low spot in the yard or a dumpster.  Once there is enough room, multiple crew members go down and start filling sleds.  This process makes for a long day of back breaking work.  As you can imagine, digging out a crawl space is a very difficult and dirty project.  An experienced professional should be consulted.  Many of the “how to dig out your crawl space” articles on the internet have bad or vague information.  If the crawl space is not excavated properly, there eventually could be significant damage to the foundation.  There has to be a plan engineered to prevent erosion from undermining the existing concrete footings of the foundation.

Benefits of Crawl Space Excavation

Is digging out your crawl space worth the cost? Yes, It is.  The cost of ignoring the crawl space can be destructive to the home. Benefits include:

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