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Protect your Home by removing the sewage from your Crawl Space!

Crawlspaces usually serve the purpose for easy access to HVAC, plumbing, and wiring. However, some of the problems that occur can be a major nuisance for homeowners. Excessive moisture buildup and sewage contamination are the two most common problems, and it is critical to handle the situation properly to maintain a healthy home. Sewage pipe leaks or bursts contaminate the soil and send toxic fumes in the air of the living area. It’s best to leave the repair of sewage cleanup to Indiana Crawl Space Repair because of our training, experience, and equipment. Below are some signs to look out for.

Signs you may have crawl space sewage leak

If you are unsure whether your crawl space has sewage, look for the following signs:
• Poor Indoor air quality causing increased allergies, headaches, or asthma symptoms while at home for no evident reasons
• Strong Musty Odor throughout the home especially during heavy rains
• Hardwood flooring is buckling or warped
• Infestations of flies or other insects.

Steps to Successful Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup

Contain the Area – crawl space must be sealed off from rest of the home to prevent unwanted airborne pathogens from entering the home.

Removal of Contaminated Material – All contaminated soil and water of the affected area will need to be removed. Any insulation, plastic, plumbing, debris, or storage materials in contact with contaminated water will need to be removed and replaced.

Clean & Disinfect the Area -Proper sewage cleanup involves disinfecting the area affected with powerful sanitizers (higher effectiveness than bleach). Mechanical systems affected will also be thoroughly cleaned.

Inspection and Removal of Mold Growth – Contaminated water creates the perfect breeding ground for mold growth if not addressed within 72 hours of the spill. We inspect for current and potential future signs of mold growth and treat or remediate accordingly.

Vapor Barrier Installation – To prevent future issues with evaporating moisture form the soil, a vapor barrier should be installed. We recommend an encapsulation system to help seal out all moisture and ground odor.

WARNING: Mold, bacteria, and other contaminations from waste water is not something a homeowner should try to fix on his own. Give us a call to get a Free Estimate from one of our trained sewage removal experts.